Rolex Datejust Sodalite

Rolex Datejust Sodalite


The perfect watch for a gift even if self-gift!
Rolex got us used to perfection in materials and colours, and this Datejust is a perfect exemple of such. With a hard-to-work material as dial, Sodalite, and 10 diamonds as hours markers. A true pleasure when reading the time.

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Model: Datejust Sodalite
Ref: 4178
Size: 36mm
Dial: Sodalite with 10 factory diamonds
Material: Steel and white gold bezel
Caliber: 3135
Papers/Box: No

Note: the watch has the original papers which mention sodalite, which means this is the original dial the watch was born with. Sodalite is a very soft gemstone with makes it a very difficult material do make a dial with. The dial also comes set from the factory with 10 diamonds.

Modelo: Datejust Sodalite
Ref: 4178
Medidas: 36mm
Mostrador: Sodalite com 10 diamantes
Material: Aço com luneta em ouro branco
Calibre: 3135
Papeis/Caixa: Não

Note: O relógio vem com papeis que certificam que tanto o mostrador Sodalite e diamentes são originais de fábrica e que originais deste relógio. O mostrador é feito com um mineral chamado Sodalite que é extremamente dificil de fazer.